Past Events

July 4th at Devendorf Park Launching Plastic Free July​

Sustainable Carmel - reusable produce bag creations

Quarterly CSMC Luncheon

Sustainable Carmel attended the quarterly CSMC luncheon meeting at the Peace and Justice center. It was inspiring to hear all the good work being done by the local actions committees. It is a wonderful way for us to share information and support the actions each group is involved with. The presentation by Gonzales was particularly impressive with all they are doing as a city to lean into sustainable practices.

Green Power at Dos Sueño in Carmel Valley Reception

Sustainable Carmel was at a reception for Green Power at Dos Sueño in Carmel Valley. Green Power is a project of the nonprofit Romero Institute.
The event was to learn about and support the recent enactment of Community Choice Energy Joint Powers Authority for the tri-county areas of Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito.

The Honorable Sam Farr and Shary Farr, The Honorable Bruce McPherson,The Honorable Mary Adams, The Honorable Jane Parker, The Honorable Robert Rivas,The Honorable Steve McShane, The Honorable Erica Padilla-Chavez, Bishop Richard Garcia, Dolores Huerta and Elizabeth Panetta, invited the community to this reception with special guest the Honorable John Laird California Secretary of Natural Resources.

It was an inspiring event hearing from those who have and are making the changes we need regarding the health of our state and the world. And, they put local action front and center. Carmel is already known for it’s green… think trees, golf, money. Now let’s be known for being environmentally “green” as well! We have been making good strides recently and we need to keep it up.

Carmel Parade

The Carmel Parade was a great success. We had a fun time. Forty to fifty River School elementary students  joined us, Monterey Regional Waste Management sent Stephanie of of the CSUMB service learners as a “waitstaff” who handed out compostable straws, Save our Whales joined in and marched with three fabulous marine animal costumes, and the Junior Ocean Guardians were out in full strength. A great showing of people who care about our environment. And the spectators were very enthusiastic.

Ordinance of Food Service Ware, and Single-Use Items

GREAT NEWS!! After the ordinance reading, Carmel is the first city on the peninsula to accept an ordinance on non recyclable and biodegradable food service ware and single use items!!
A big thank you to Agnes Topp, City Environmental Compliance Manager, and to Mayor Dallas and the Carmel city council. Starting April 22,2018 the ordinance will be phased in. Fines will be levied to those not upholding the law.

Cigarette Butlers

Sustainable Carmel’s steering committee (not all shown here) is awarded a grant from the City of Carmel by the Sea to purchase approved cigarette disposal can “butlers” in downtown Carmel, and install them in the downtown area! Bravo, city administrators for helping our town stay clean.

And, our new recycling bins are getting installed!