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Upcoming Events

Help Protect Habitat in the Fort Ord National Monument and adjacent areas.  Join Citizens for Sustainable Marina in sweeping out French Broom, one of the most widespread and invasive wildland pest plants in California.

Sweep Out Invasive French Broom!​  

Marina's Future Hilltop Park

As part of the upcoming Marina Hilltop Park project, volunteers help restore a rare California ecosystem to this coastal dune habitat.   

Volunteers will meet Saturdays at Hilltop Park, 4th Avenue at 9th Street in Marina.  Contact Bruce Delgado for more details and to sign-up.  831-277-7690 or email bdelgado62gmail.com

Read more about the Marina Hilltop Park habitat restoration project in the Monterey Herald’s November 5, 2022 article HERE.

Lapis Road Cleanup

Every Second Sunday of the month 
10 am-12:30 pm

Volunteer community cleanup of 14.4 miles of recreation trails, RR, roads and fence lines on county lands north of Marina.

Meet at 10 am at the southern junction of Lapis Rd. and Del Monte Blvd. (DMB) 1/2 mile north of Beach Rd. roundabout. Look for the C4SM banner and sign-in table.  All supplies provided by Citizens For Sustainable Marina. Pizza served at 12pm.

For more info contact Bruce at 831-277-7690 or  bdelgado62@gmail.com

Marina Library Grounds Cleanup
Every Wednesday,  10 am-12:30 pm
Plant natives, manage and harvest food from raised community garden beds, spread chips, water and remove pesky caterpillars from this oak woodland restoration project.
Meet next to the Marina Library playground (190 Seaside Cir., Marina, CA).  All supplies provided by Citizens For Sustainable Marina.
For more info contact Bruce at 831-277-7690 or  bdelgado62@gmail.com


C4SM's response to an Oak Moth Caterpillar Invasion

Check out the article here: A community response to an Oak Moth Caterpillar Invasion

Pictured to the right: Amelia Forstall and Bruce Delgado search through a Coast Live Oak sapling for oak moth caterpillars. (Luis Melecio-Zambrano, Herald Correspondent)

C4SM and a local Girl Scout troop team up to help the environment.

Citizens for Sustainable Marina (C4SM) and a local Girl Scout troop were in the spotlight recently when they planted 25 Coast Live Oak trees on the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District’s Los Arboles Sports Complex in Marina. 

The girls are partnering with C4SM to fulfill their Bronze Award project requirements. 

Their aim is to raise awareness about environmental issues through their own tree stewardship efforts. They will be responsible for watering and taking care of the trees to make sure they get established and live for possibly hundreds of years.

The Girl Scout Bronze Award is the highest honor a Girl Scout Junior can achieve.

Community Cleanup Needs Volunteers
C4SM would like to thank the volunteers for their productive contributions through volunteer clean-ups every month since 2017. These hearty souls thoroughly clean the 2.2 miles of Lapis Rd. and both sides of Del Monte Blvd. (from near Charlie Benson Lane approach to the regional landfill to Beach Rd. Roundabout in Marina.).
It’s great to feel the satisfaction of seeing this area respected. It wasn’t long ago this area looked like an open-air dump along Lapis Rd. and a dirty, neglected. Del Monte Blvd. And it’s great to do this project with all of you bringing your positive can-do spirit to work together.
Thank you everyone for your support to keep this area clean.
Photo Credit:
Sunset over the Fort Ord National Monument.  
Photo credit: Jesse Pluim, photographer for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).
See more of his photography on the BLM Flickr account at