A guide for teachers and parents to find age-appropriate content for students to help educate the next generation about the science behind climate change

   NASA Climate Kids

For K-5th, Climate Kids has tutorials, games, activities and videos about climate change. A great elementary school teacher’s resource. Teachers can search the following categories: big questions; weather, climate and atmosphere; water; energy; plants; and animals. Within each category there are videos, activities, people associated and games.

Grade Level: K-5

Science Standards Relating to Climate Change: 

Grade 4: ESS3.A: Natural Resources
Grade 6: ESS3.D: Global Climate Change

   NEA Climate Change

This is an educator resource website with links about climate change mostly for grades 4-12th. The introduction includes a guide on how to teach this sensitive topic to students with practical home and classroom activities. It has extensive links to websites with activities mostly for grade 4 through middle and high school on climate change. It also provides online textbooks, teacher’s guides, websites with brief summaries and how some are aligned to the  science and curriculum standards.

Grade Level: 4th – 12th

Science Standards Relating to Climate Change: NEA links will guide educators to specific grade levels which cover Grade 4 (ESS3ANatural Resourses),Grade 6 (ESS3D:Global Climate Change): Grade 8 (ESS3.C: Human Impacts on Earth Systems)Grades 9-12
(ESS2.D: Weather and Climate
and Grades 9-12 ).

   National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

A collection of resources searchable by topic, grade level, educational resource type, and climate literacy principles. Awesome resource of CLEAN (Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network) digital teaching resources that are reviewed and aligned with the Climate Literacy Framework and Energy Literacy Framework.

Grade Level: 3rd – 12th

  Monterey Bay Aquarium

Access to Aquarium info, classroom labs, and virtual resources. Educational Resource for all things related to the Ocean and Climate Change – Physical exhibits for Field Trips/Educational Labs and Virtual resources

Grade Level: K – 12th

  The Wise Owl Factory

Online Resource with a multitude of links for pre-school/elementary exploration of Climate Change This link offers some PowerPoint Presentations and PDF curriculum on Climate Change that teachers can use in their classrooms. If teachers search for climate resources they will find the Climate Reality Leadership presentations that Carolyn Wilhem, an educator, has created and resourced from her Climate Reality Leadership trainings.

Grade Level: K – 6th

  Kiss the Ground

Movie on Regenerative Agriculture. The resource is a movie explaining the processes of Regenerative Agriculture and how farming practices relate to Climate Change.

Grade Level: 6th – 12th