Welcome to Sustainable Monterey

Sustainable Monterey was founded in 2007 under the name Monterey Green Action, as one of CSMC’s first Local Action Group.  Two years later, thanks to the vision of Karin Locke and the generous donation from the City of Monterey, the Monterey community garden was established.  In 2016, the group changed it’s name to Sustainable Monterey and joined all CSMC’s LAGs and partners in the Measure Z campaign to ban fracking in Monterey County.

Sustainable Monterey is grateful to Monterey’s city donation of space and water for a community garden.  The garden, located at 293 Van Buren has 21 garden beds available to owners who agree to tend their garden bed as well as surrounding grounds and structure.  In 2022, this space was selected for much needed affordable housing in Monterey, so the garden will be moved to a new to-be-determined site.  Fernanda Roveri and Lyn Hamilton manage the current garden.  Janette Leonidou will manage the transition to the new site.