Welcome to Sustainable Salinas

We are a volunteer group of Salinas residents of different ages, backgrounds and interests, working towards a more environmentally sustainable Salinas, through community education and action in collaboration with other like-minded groups.

Sustainable Salinas is a member of Communities for Sustainable Monterey County. Our shared mission is to meet the challenge of declining resources and climate change by helping our communities transition to sustainable practices.

Communities for Sustainable Monterey County and our member organizations acknowledge the injustice and trauma the Black community has been endured for too long.  We stand with the African American community in speaking out against the overt and institutional racism that tears the fabric of our communities. Any injustice that affects part of our community affects us all.  We understand that our environmental goals will only be achieved when all people can realize their highest potential, unconstrained by racism and inequity.  CSMC is committed to using our voice, our partnerships, and our influence to work for systemic change.  Our actions are guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which seek to build a sustainable future that is diverse, equitable, and informed by the voices, needs, and interests of all segments of society.

Do you take steps every day to reduce your impact on the environment?  You may already qualify as an Earth-Friendly Household!

Learn How to Become an Earth-Friendly Household.  

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Sustainable Salinas, in collaboration with Return of the Natives, (now Habitat Restoration Project, Monterey Bay), began its Tree Canopy Restoration campaign in 2020.  The program was launched on April 1, 2020, with the planting of 5 trees at Santa Rita Park in North Salinas.

The event was tremendously successful, with strong community involvement.  Trees were purchased from Lakeside Nursery using funds raised through our 2018 MC Gives Campaign.  Funding for more trees is still available, with more trees allocated to local residents and The Girl Scouts of America on Town St. in East Salinas. We will continue to update our progress on our Facebook Page.

Contact sustainablesalinas14@gmail.com to request trees for private or public plantings!

"Where Every Day is Earth Day"