Welcome to B-SAGE (Big Sur Advocates for a Green Environment)

Earth Day 2023: Fostering Environmental and Sustainable Learning

Big Sur Advocates for a Green Environment (B-SAGE) is joining up with the Henry Miller Library to celebrate Earth Day at Henry Miller Library, Saturday, April 22, 2023 from 11 AM to 3:00 PM  – or beyond 3:00 pm if the musicians are inspired to continue playing.

Fun Activities for Children & Adults.  Free and Open to the Public. 

Activities taking place include Foods and speakers celebrating plant-based foods; plastic pollution interactive awareness activities; local school children’s poster contest about growing healthy foods; litter picker awareness; mini outdoor activity, green care workshop, and other natural resource topics. There will be tasty organic foods. Non-alcoholic beverages are welcome.

CONTACT: Jessica Koning winterkoning@gmail.com (831) 241-8177 or LaVerne McLeod lavernemcleod@ymail.com (831) 595-9692 with inquiries.

We encourage carpooling, walking, or biking to the event!

Every Day is Earth Day

 B-SAGE (Big Sur Advocates for a Green Environment) recognizes that we are all stewards of this planet. Earth Day is being celebrated in April, but we think that every day should be celebrated as Earth Day.  Let’s reflect on some positive details on Earth Days.

 ·      The global air is clearing with less driving and flying. 

 ·      Animals are reclaiming territory they don’t normally use because we scare them off

 ·      We are taking a look at what is essential

 ·      Being sheltered-in-place , focusing on less food waste is valued

 ·      More gardening to grow our own food or even beautifying our landscapes is taking place

 ·      We have more time for inner reflection and hopefully feeling more compassion for others by calling, emailing, etc. 

 ·      This has been a time to renew, reconstruct, or rebuild short or long-term goals

 ·      Time to work on those pushed aside projects or start a new one

 ·      Having time to exercise outdoors–hearing the songs of the birds, surrounded by spring’s flora and fauna, or admiring the beauty of the ocean 

 Of course, there are other positive things. These are just a few.  As we plant our feet on Mother Earth, let’s keep respecting her as well as our own well-being, even when the pandemic has lifted.

Thanks for being an Earth steward. 

If you would like to reflect on virtual Earth Day information:



B-SAGE’s ongoing activity relates to OCEAN POLLUTION and is “Big Sur Litter Removal”.  We welcome everyone’s participation to keep Big Sur area free from litter.  Please pickup trash when you see it and if you’d like to commit to picking up litter on a regular basis, please contact B-SAGE to receive pickers.  Please also ensure to use caution around roadways and with hazardous materials

    A Little About Who We Are & What We Do

    The organization was founded in 2010. It was spearheaded by Lynda Sayre and a group of followers- Bob Sayre, Eby Wold, Sam Goldeen, Maryann Vasconcellos  and a few others. The idea is to enrich the community on ways of continuing “green living practices.”

    Local programs of interest are presented at community gatherings that cover guest presenters who speak on climate change, beekeeping, aquaponics and an array of environmental topics. Film is also a major part of some presentations, especially about ocean pollution education as well as how we can deal with our energy crisis with collaboration and cooperation.

    Other components were added to B-SAGE gatherings such as the creation of its annual Earth Day Event held in the Spring. Thus far, B-SAGE has sponsored 5 of these. The Winter soup and salad community events have been a big hit as donations of fresh soup ingredients and salads come from organic farms.

    A most unique Fall program called “Getting Trashed and Smoked Out in Big Sur” was a big hit. Scrolls of ideas were created by various group interest. Big Sur is in process of implementing some of these ideas.

    Big Sur is the site of frequent Climate-Change related natural disasters.  It is also a place where many visitors come to view the rugged yet pristine scenic area.  B-SAGE projects can create positive results on the land and environment with your help.  Please see the Contact page and join in the efforts.

    Jessica Koning & LaVerne McLeod, B-SAGE Coordinators

    It is only a little planet, but how beautiful it is.
    – Robinson Jeffers