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Volunteer for one of these projects

Pollinator Garden Planting

Up to 50 volunteers. Moderate to heavy effort. Some bending over to a lot of bending over. Learn to plant native plants for a pollinator garden. This includes 1) raking mulch to the left of planting holes using a scraping tool called a Mcleod, 2) digging holes with shovels and setting it to the right of the hole, 3) being on the ground to plant native plants into holes, refilling the holes, respreading the mulch around the hole, and placing a flag 2-3 inches to the north of the planted plants. Each volunteer can focus on any one of the above 3 steps or do all 3.

Native Plant Transplanting and Seed Sowing

Up to 30 volunteers. Light effort. Minimal bending over. Learn to transfer plants from small “plug” trays to tubes or small rootbound plants to a larger pot. This involves filling wheelbarrows with soil, filling pots with soil, removing plants from plug trays and small pots and transplanting them to large tubes or pots.

Litter Pickup

Up to 25 volunteers. Moderate effort. Some bending over. Walking moderate distances to remove litter from park and field, picking up litter with grabbers or by hand and placing recyclables and trash in different colored bags. Led by Save the Whales.

Weeding Dune Area and Rear Pollinator Garden

Up to 75 volunteers. Moderate effort. Much bending over. Learning the names and to identify local weeds and native plants and how to remove the weeds.

French Broom Bash

Up to 25 volunteers. Moderate to heavy effort. Some bending over to a lot of bending over. Use an interesting leverage tool called a Weed Wrench to remove French Broom from the south side of Locke Paddon Lake.

Garden Bed Planting

Up to 20 volunteers. Light effort. Minimal bending over. Learn how to plant food plants and native plants in raised garden beds.

Sheep Sorrel and Narrow Leaf Ice Plant Removal

Learn to identify and remove these invasive plants. Some bending over.

Vegan Menu

We are proud to provide free vegan lunches to all volunteers prepared by Ho Wah Chinese Restaurant (3116 Del Monte Blvd, Marina). 

These free lunches will include:

Fried WonTons

Veggie Fried Rice

Steamed Rice

Egg Plant

Garlic Green Beans

Orange Tofu

Steamed Mixed Veggies