Kay Cline AwardSustainable Seaside and Kay Cline (2nd from the left) have been quite honored to be inducted as members of the Fort Ord National Monument (FONM) Hall of Fame on National Public Lands Day on November 15, 2014.

In spite of that day starting with a good rain, about 100 people showed up to help with BLM projects and to celebrate this beautiful place.

Seaside feels fortunate to have wonderful open space so near their city and to have it protected in perpetuity as the 111th National Monument established in the United States as proclaimed the Fort Ord National Monument on April 20, 2012 by President Barack Obama. If you haven’t visited there yet, take a hike from the easily accessible Gigling and 8th or from the Intergarrison parking lot. A member of Sustainable Seaside will gladly lead you on a hike!

We strongly urge our groups, and the interested public, to read the detailed documentation of the work and involvement over the years Sustainable Seaside undertook with Fort Ord and the National Monument to bring them this recognition. This shows focus and perseverance.

Also, check out www.fortfriends.org for more information on trail bike rides and other ways to enjoy this wilderness in Monterey Bay backyard. Also, look for information on the monthly FONM support meetings held at the Oldemeyer Center, 968 Hilby, by FORT Friends.

Connect with Sustainable Seaside for more on their other activities.


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