In recent years, the response of the world community to climate change has led to a steadily growing drumbeat for research into, and potential deployment of, so-called “climate geoengineering options.”  While climate geoengineering approaches could potentially help, many of them are also fraught with risk, and could produce winners and losers, emphasizing the need for just, equitable and effective governance architecture. Join Dr. Wil Burns,  Co-Founding Executive Director & Professor of Research, Institute for Carbon Removal Law & Policy, School of International Service, American University, to discuss climate geoengineering research and deployment. Location:  Middlebury Institute of International Studies, Morse Building, room B104, 426 Van Buren St, Monterey, CA 93940.  Free, Open to the Public, No Registration Required.

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CSMC is an organization of nine Community Action groups and two Regional Projects (community gardens and time banking) in Monterey County. CSMC advocates for land, water, and energy conservation, community gardens, green building ordinances, public transportation, waste reduction, and a localized economy.