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Earth Friendly Households Program

There are seven areas where consumption of resources can be reduced without affecting the quality of a person’s life:

  • Use Less Electricity
  • Use Less Natural Gas
  • Use Less Gasoline
  • Consume Much Less Plastic
  • Use Less Water
  • Reduce Food Waste
  • Reduce Consumption of New Items

There are three areas where action can be taken to be more environmentally friendly:

  • Mindfully Recycle and Properly Dispose of Yard Waste
  • Grow Some Food and Improve the Soil
  • Make a Positive Difference Beyond My Household

 “There is something that you can do, right now, right in your home.”

How to Become an Earth-Friendly Household

Download and print the Earth-Friendly Households Checklist:

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If you are committed to achieving an Earth-Friendly Household, you can make a statement by flying an earth flag. You could make your own earth flag from sustainable material like cotton.  Coming soon: Earth Friendly Household sticker for your recycling container!