C4SM's "Big Idea" for 2023

Oak Woodland Community Garden Project

Thank you for supporting our Big Idea for 2023!

Communities for Sustainable Monterey County helps communities transition to sustainability in response to the climate crisis. This group’s Big Idea is to enhance an already-popular Oak Woodland Community Garden with: 

1) a children’s exploration and reading garden;
2) senior- and toddler-friendly walking paths;
3) senior- and ADA-friendly garden beds; and
4) bilingual educational signage. This project will ensure that community members of all ages and abilities can be connected to the outdoors and to each other.

Marina is experiencing tremendous growth and development, and volunteers are committed to keeping this green zone in the center of town accessible and vibrant.

Donations will support new accessibility features, continued planting of oaks and other native plants, education about native plants—including indigenous uses and drought-resistant practices, and will leverage the literal and figurative seeds planted by volunteers over thousands of hours to keep this community garden thriving and blooming.

C4SM - aerial view of Oak Woodland Community Garden, Locke Paddon Park, outside Marina Library

The Oak Woodland Community Garden is inside LockePaddon Wetland Community Park, located just off Reservation Road (from Highway 1), and adjacent to the new Marina Library.  This area, essentially Marina’s “Central Park”, was launched on Earth Day, 2013, and it has since become a community gathering place for eco-stewardship and a popular recreation destination, visited daily by multitudes of city residents and visitors. 

During daylight hours, it offers exercise, walking trails, nature observation, dog walking, and a peaceful and quiet respite. It’s also the site of Marina’s annual Earth Day Celebration.  The wetland park and community garden have been the focal point of many thousands of community volunteer hours that help grow and maintain this beautiful space.  

C4SM 2022 planting in new bed
C4SM 2022 planting in new bed - celebrating
Mural painting Earth Day 2022
C4SM 2022 transplanting natives